I don’t know what took me so long. People have been talking about it since day 1. People have been telling me “you have to try BarbieCue at Marker 48.” “It’s some of the best BBQ I have tried”. And yet here I was, a couple of years on and still have not been. Well, continuing on my kick of getting back out on the road recently I decided to stop by and finally try the food. I rolled up to Marker 48 on SR50 on a Wednesday afternoon around 12:15 and ordered the brisket sandwich with mac n’ cheese and collard greens. I also had the “hottie” sauce on the side as well. $8.25 for the ‘small’ is very reasonable given it’s a good size portion for a lunch.

It was ready in no time and I retreated to my car to see what the fuss was about. I went straight in for the mac n’ cheese (side note: I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado on this topic). Holy sh*t. It’s good. It’s really good. Velvety, rich, strong and oh so cheesy. Yeah, it’s up there with some of the best I’ve had. I like it that much. Collard greens were on point too. Very tasty, not at all bland. I'm a big fan of collards when they are done well and these certainly are. But hold your horses folks. Let’s talk about the sandwich….

Oh, that sandwich. The brisket is to die for. It’s soft. It melts in your mouth. It’s packed with flavor. It’s magnificent. I could eat it by the pound, and still not be tired of it. It has a great smoke on it, texturally perfect. I smoke meats at home and I dream of brisket like this. Mine never seems to come out moist enough, this is absolutely insanely good.

The blessing and the curse of eating at all of the places I do is that I get to eat a LOT of good food. It’s great to see that we have so many gems in this small county. The people who put themselves out there to compete with the chains and make us great food deserve our respect and our money. But it also means that rarely anymore do I eat anything that blows me away. This blew me away. It’s as good as anything I’ve eaten in recent memory. It’s not pretentious, it’s just bloody good food.

I will be back sooooo many times to work my way through this menu. BarbieCue, you rock. Thank you!!

Check them out at http://barbiecue.com